• Adopted value engineering solutions developed by Sundt and the design engineer
  • Switched from 22 separate, 10-MGD post-filter contactors to 12 dual-cell, 18.6-MGD contactors
  • Used new filter underdrain installation technique
  • Trench-type pump station wetwell
  • Precast double tee roof and columns
  • Cost savings achieved by Sundt performing the point-to-point checkout and quality assurance instead of a specialty consultant

The cities of Phoenix and Mesa hired Sundt to perform extensive upgrades to the existing Val Vista Water Treatment Plant in order to upgrade components and complete process improvements for the facility with a sophisticated granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration system. Twenty-two months later, the municipalities had the largest GAC water treatment plant in the Southwest – with an output of 220 million gallons per day (MGD). In addition to the GAC Contactors and 220 MGD pump station, the project included two backwash equalization basins, chemical feed systems, three miles of pipelines ranging in size from 12- to 108-inch-diameter, an electrical and controls building and associated site improvements.