Data centers have become the backbone of today’s global economy, adding an entirely new dimension to social infrastructure.

For these facilities, one hundred percent up-time and security are imperative, with zero margin for error. The required technical components are costly and sophisticated, and they evolve at a breakneck pace. Builders must not only meet the requirements of the individual components, but also how to bring those interdependent pieces together in a holistic and comprehensive solution.


Our ability to respond with certainty makes Sundt a contractor of choice for some of the nation’s most successful private companies and most essential public services.

Expertise, speed of construction and time to market is essential for our clients. Data centers require expertise in secure building structures, air handling and cooling facilities, water treatment and recycling components and conveyance structures for air, water, power and data cables.  Our experience and use of modern technology and prefabrication techniques results in optimized schedules—schedules that allow these crucial facilities to go online as fast as possible.

As needs and components change in response to advances in the marketplace, it  is vital that data centers and other high tech facilities are built with maximum flexibility. Examples include energy, rack density, fiber connectivity, waste heat, ‘new collar’ jobs, facility cooling needs, water treatment and availability, and building configuration. We plan and work with these realities top of mind, building facilities that meet today’s specifications and efficiently and affordably adapt to the future.