One of the most challenging design issues was selecting a curtain wall system that would not only enhance the exterior architecture of this beautiful building, but also deliver the best combination of construction speed, first cost, durability, maintainability, and life cycle cost. Two (2) systems were evaluated against Sony’s established criteria. The first, a traditional hand-built system, was much faster to procure, install, and had a lower initial cost. The 2nd system, a unitized system, was generally more expensive and took longer to procure, but had a performance reliability advantage due to pre-fabrication in a controlled offsite environment. Primarily due to schedule constraints, the hand-built system was selected. As this system was being erected in the field, continuous quality control became critical to ensure the integrity of the finished system against air and water intrusion. Continuous inspection by Sundt personnel and periodic field inspections by the curtain wall consultant proved invaluable. Field testing of random areas and "tricky" details on the completed installation resulted in zero deficiencies.

Sony Electronics corporate headquarters includes a 450,000 square foot, 11-story high rise office tower, plus a fitness center, conference center, dining facility, and a six-level garage structure with 1,500 parking spaces. The layout of user functions within the building complicated the fast-track, 19-month schedule as the dining facility, which is approximately 25,000 square feet and has the capacity to serve 2,500 people per day, is located on the top floor of the 11-story building.

2009 Best of California Awards - Office, Outstanding Architectural Design Category-California Construction Magazine
2009 Merit Award, Building Construction, Private Work-AGC San Diego
2009 National Best of the Best Awards, Office Category-McGraw Hill