“Sundt performed in an outstanding manner on this contract and on two other Design-Build task orders that totaled over $300 mil at the IBCT. Sundt’s staffing were a pleasure to work with and their high degree of professionalism made this design-build project a great success that the Army users are very happy with.”

John E. Smock, P.E., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

This design-build project included 12 Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMFs), totaling approximately 320,000 square feet. These facilities provide maintenance and repair areas, plus administration and shop control, consolidated bench, tool room and tool box storage; weapons and COMSEC vaults, telecommunications equipment (SIPRNet and NIPRNet systems) room; and locker, break, training, and conference spaces. The project includes 48 ancillary buildings which consist of UAV hangars, POL storage buildings, HAZMAT storage and disposal buildings, and equipment warehouse buildings.

Sundt performed all of the site work and concrete work for the project, including roughly four million square feet of 10-inch-thick, reinforced concrete paving – the equivalent of 31 miles of two-lane highway.