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Regional Offices

Addresses & Phone Numbers

Tempe (Corporate Headquarters)


Phoenix (Center for Craft Excellence)

San Diego



San Antonio

El Paso


Salt Lake City


Vancouver, WA

Contractor License Numbers

By State

GC: 25909

Arizona B General Residential Contractor: 67653
Arizona AZ B-1 Contractor: 68013
Arizona C-4 - Boilers, Steamfitting & Process Piping: 78088
Arizona C-11 - Electrical: 76101
Arizona C-9 - Concrete: 68014
Arizona AZ-A General Engineering Contractor: 68012
Arizona C-39 A-C and Refrigeration: 76561
Arizona C-37 Plumbing: 78799



Electrical Contractor: EC.0100733
Colorado Springs Contractors: 20947
Colorado Teller County Contractors: 28232A

Florida Certified General Contractor: CGC1522622

Georgia Contractor's License: GCCO004284

Idaho Contractor's License: 12615

Mississippi Contractor's License - Mechanical: 20728-MC

General Contractor: 7900

General Building: 0086041
Certificate of Eligibility: BPC-02-04-17-0227

General Building: 23143, 365964

General Contractor: 71070

General Contractor: 20921

General Commercial: 70222, 231678

General Contractor: 67869

Engineering Firm, Certificate of Registration: F-21929

General Engineering: 244378-5501, 11926323-5501

General Contractor License: SUNDTI*011PA