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Regional Offices

Addresses & Phone Numbers

Tempe (Corporate Headquarters)


Phoenix (Operations Support Services)

Phoenix (Training Center)

San Diego



San Antonio

El Paso


Salt Lake City


Vancouver, WA

Tampa, FL

Contractor License Numbers

By State

GC: 25909

Arizona B General Residential Contractor: 67653
Arizona AZ B-1 Contractor: 68013
Arizona C-4 - Boilers, Steamfitting & Process Piping: 78088
Arizona C-11 - Electrical: 76101
Arizona C-9 - Concrete: 68014
Arizona AZ-A General Engineering Contractor: 68012
Arizona C-39 A-C and Refrigeration: 76561
Arizona C-37 Plumbing: 78799



Electrical Contractor: EC.0100733
Colorado Springs Contractors: 20947
Colorado Teller County Contractors: 28232A

Florida Certified General Contractor: CGC1522622

Georgia Contractor's License: GCCO004284

Idaho Contractor's License: 12615

Mississippi Contractor's License - Mechanical: 20728-MC

General Contractor: 7900

General Building: 0086041
Certificate of Eligibility: BPC-02-04-17-0227

General Building: 23143, 365964

General Contractor: 71070

General Contractor: 20921

General Commercial: 70222, 231678

General Contractor: 67869

Engineering Firm, Certificate of Registration: F-21929

General Engineering: 244378-5501, 11926323-5501

General Contractor License: SUNDTI*011PA