Our focus is zero: zero incidents and zero injuries, sending every employee-owner home safe every single day.

As the only two-time winner of the AGC’s National Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA), Sundt is the industry leader in safety. Since implementing our Safety by Choice program in 2000, we have reduced incidents by 91 percent, finishing 2018 as the safest year in company history.

The “How” and The “Why”

Many construction safety programs focus on the how of staying safe—processes and procedures to avoid accidents and keep projects running smoothly. Sundt’s safety program, Safety By Choice, takes a people-based approach to why we work safe.

Beyond comprehensive safety training for our craft and admin employees, we focus on our reasons to stay safe: family, friends, health, and hobbies. By emphasizing great safety choices and providing recognition to those who make them, we maintain a positive safety culture while improving Sundt’s overall safety performance.

“I looked at Sundt’s safety program and their safety culture. Their culture is exactly like ours. We’re learning things from them, and I hope we continue to learn and improve. Their leaders are great at observing and also carrying the message. If anybody on the jobsite sees something unsafe, they have the authority to stop it.” 

Bill Badger, Manager of Facility and Capital Construction, CPS Energy


Sundt employee-owners know it’s the little things, done well every day and on every job, that keep people safe. It’s why we host Safety Week each year, to share best practices and promote our common responsibility to each other and to our families. 

Along with 80+ national and global construction firms from the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) and the Incident and Injury Free (IIF) Executive Forum, Sundt and its partners are raising the standard for workplace safety and a healthy lifestyle on and off the job.

We demonstrate our core value of safety through:

91% DROP

in Recordable Incident Rate (RIR)
Since 2000


Two-Time Winner of “Best of the Best” in
Safety Programs

Recent & Select Honors


Outstanding Safety Improvement Award

American Society of Concrete Contractors

Safety Excellence Award

AGC Willis Towers Watson Construction
Highway & Transportation Over $1M

“Best of the Best” Grand Award



Safety Excellence Awards, Category II

AGC San Antonio Construction

W. Burr Bennett SAFETY Excellence Award

American Society of Contractors

Construction SAFETY Excellence Award

Highway Division
2016, 2019