Sundt employs some of the most highly skilled and dedicated pipe fitters in the trade.

We have deep experience with all types of systems, materials, and methods of joining, with work ranging from underground fire and septic systems to above-ground B31.1 and B31.3 piping systems. Our craft workforce has the skill and the capacity to take a piping system from cradle to grave, from prefabrication all the way through to flushing, testing and commissioning.


Our pipe fitters’ level of mastery significantly reduces rework and allows engineering efforts to streamline piping from point A to B. 

Sundt’s pipe fitters are well versed in interpreting orthographic, isometric, and piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) drawings. They can perform technically difficult prefabrications and fit-ups such as a rolling offset. Additionally, our piping teams are skilled in retrofitting systems, which provides several advantages in outage environments. Our personnel can foresee and plan for potential issues that may arise, allowing us to maintain schedule on highly time-sensitive projects.