This project was built in an extremely congested part of campus and in close proximity to existing residences, academic buildings, and a very busy dining operation all within feet of the construction site. The project team temporarily utilized 2 adjacent tennis courts for site staging, and was required to keep vehicle and pedestrian traffic flowing on a road that bisected the work area. In spite of these challenges, the project was finished on time, within budget, and without complaints
Sundt was the Construction Manager at Risk for the University of California, San Diego on this two-building, nine-story student housing complex. The project was built in less than 21 months on a tight, densely populated site with very little room for equipment setting, storage, or delivery of materials. The cast-in-place concrete buildings can accommodate up to 275 students from the university’s Muir College in apartment-style living. Shared amenities on the first floor include a small market, conference rooms and a laundry area, as well as custodial and maintenance facilities.