The new gymnasium was originally intended to be a practice facility, but was upgraded to a full spectator gym through a number of modifications funded by savings within the Guaranteed Maximum Price contract. GMP Savings were also instrumental in funding a new Hall of Champions, constructed after substantial completion of the two gymnasiums.

Sundt performed an extensive restoration of the Tucson Unified School District's Roy Place Gymnasium, originally constructed in 1939, and built an adjacent, historically compatible gymnasium. Work on the existing 71,000-square-foot gym included replacing the outdated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems with newer, more efficient systems. Exterior work included cleaning, repairing and replacing much of the original brick work and terra cotta trim, and installing new windows that match the style of the original building fenestration. The project also included a new, two-level, 52,000-square-foot parking garage for faculty and staff that accommodates 154 vehicles.