Construction funding was delayed, but the completion date for this BRAC project could not change. Sundt fast-tracked the schedule to meet the originally planned date.

The Silverbell Armed Forces Reserve Center is shared by the U.S. Army Reserve and the Arizona National Guard. The project included a 68,500-square-foot administrative/training building with a separate 24,300-square-foot high-bay organizational maintenance facility, a 22,600-square-foot warehouse, and parking for all military and privately-owned vehicles. Sundt's contract included construction of the utility work, solar panel installation, construction of a new entrance road for heavy equipment and truck transport vehicles, two new loading docks, and installation of a new sanitary sewer lift station to support the new development.

The administration/training building includes administrative/operation space, SCIF, fitness center, library, training classrooms, armory, storage and an assembly hall. The oganizational maintenance facility includes: ten repairs bays, open bench repair and work areas, tools and parts storage, and administrative offices.