“Sundt’s project superintendents were easy to work with, had good demeanors, a positive attitude and were always willing to work with us.”

Carmen Williams, Design & Construction Manager

This project consisted of renovation work on an existing, operational terminal and the addition of a new terminal of approximately 25,000 square feet. The renovation work included transforming the existing TSA space into an extension of the ticketing area, and moving the TSA screening area into the old baggage claim area. The project also included remodeling the previous ticketing offices into TSA offices, and transforming the existing Rental Car area into additional ticketing queuing. The building is divided into two main areas: the secure (or airside) and the non-secure (or landside). In addition, Sundt built two departure/arrival gates with associated luxurious seating, restrooms, retail space (built out by others) and access to the courtyard.
2013 Economic Impact Project of the Year (NAIOP Arizona)-NAIOP