• Access roads and site paving
  • U/G refrigeration installations
  • Truck shops & maintenance facilities
  • Pump stations & pipelines
  • Portable rock crushers
  • Pipeline & powerlines
  • Rail

Sundt self-performs most craft services for the mining sector. From access roads, site excavations, pipe and transmission lines, to turn-key facilities such as maintenance buildings, pump houses and assay labs, Sundt offers a wide array of infrastructure support.

Resolution Copper – Sundt stripped the old pavement, repaired the subgrade, and repaved 1.5 miles of access road from the US 60 freeway to the mine site.

Large SW Copper producer (undisclosed company) – Sundt made repairs to the Grind Floor 50T OH crane.  Repairs and corrections were made to the runway columns and beams, rails, and the hoisting system was brought back into CMAA standards.

Phelps Dodge – Metcalf Truck Shop and Maintenance facility.  Constructed a new 165-foot x 445-foot x 70-foot-tall truck shop and maintenance facility. Sundt also constructed a 90-foot x 118-foot x 22-foot warehouse facility at the mine site.

Large SW Copper producer (undisclosed company) – Demolished an old 24-inch line and replaced it with new 36-inch HDPE reclaim line.  Also re-graded, installed, and tied-in the new line to the existing booster station.

Cyprus Copper – Performed structural excavation and backfill for the installation of two new primary crushers.

Barrick Gold – Installed new concrete, structural steel, mechanical/piping, electrical and building/site work for the new Boulder Valley Pump Back project.  Also installed six new 500-hp pumps at the new facility to boost flow through the cross country pipeline, and installed the new Propane Deluge System at the Boulder Valley Pump Station.

Santa Fe Pacific – Relocated and installed new 14-inch and 18-inch water lines at the Mesquite Mine.

Hecla Mining - Sundt provided site excavation, backfill, and grading.

Peabody Coal – Sundt provided and operated a portable crushing plant to supply crushed (scoria) rock to 1-inch minus.