• U/G refrigeration/cooling systems
  • Dust collection systems
  • Pump stations
  • Thickeners and pump station upgrades
  • Pipe corridors and pipelines

Sundt is an experienced constructor of mechanical facilities for the mining industry.  From refrigerated air projects and assisting u/g mining, to chemical plants, Sundt is well qualified to assist with your mechanical/pumping/piping projects.  Sundt is ASME and National Board certified, and maintains the following certifications:



* Certificate A-42184 Power Boiler Assembly

* Certificate R-8552 Repair & Alteration

* Certificate PP-42185 Pressure Piping

* Certificate U-42186 Pressure Vessels

MolyCorp -- Sundt constructed the concrete foundations, erected the structural steel pipe racks, and supplied/installed the mechanical/piping systems for the Separations and Mill Plateau pipe corridors for the Phoenix Project.

Resolution Copper -- Installed the No. 10 Shaft refrigerated air cooling system, including two 250-ton York refrigeration machines within the existing Compressor Building; new condenser cooling towers with the associated pump stations; concrete structures; insulated 24-inch and 28-inch pipe; tie-ins to existing AIR refrigeration system; and complete E&IC for automated control of the new systems.

Large Southwest Copper Producer (undisclosed company) -- Installed the dust collection systems for the Fine Crusher upgrades.  The project included installation of nine new dust collectors with screens, crushers, rubber-lined duct work, and complete E&IC.

Cyprus Miami -- Constructed a $3 million modification to the Live Oak Canyon Pump Station.

Barrick Gold -- Performed a thickener and feed pump upgrade for the Goldstrike Mine, including installation of two new concrete pump pads, two thickener feed pumps and associated 12-inch discharge lines, instrument air, and full E&IC.