“The closeout process was great. It was quick, Sundt was right on top of everything and minimized the effort my team had to exert to close out the project which was fantastic.”

Myles Kraenzel, Director, Las Cruces Public Schools

This project involved a 158,000-square-foot remodel and additions to the City’s oldest high school, including new classroom space, administrative space, library, performing arts venue, and a pedestrian bridge, while school was in session.


The high school complex needed to remain not just an educational foundation, but also a cornerstone to connect the community socially and safely. When the footprint for a major renovation and expansion of the high school stretched across a major road, school officials needed to bridge the gap – literally and figuratively – and they needed to do so without disruption. Through our highly collaborative process, Sundt was able to plan and execute the fabrication and installation of the bridge in less than one day. The walkway was coordinated down to less than an inch and was lifted in two pieces, shored, and welded.


This added value to the project and community resulted in the project team receiving the New Mexico Public Schools Facility Authority (PSFA) Quality Award.


- The team completed the project four months early, allowing staff and students to occupy the new campus at the start of the new school year. 

- Sundt understood the importance of the LCHS Project to the community. We awarded over 76% of the of the total contract value to local subcontractors, including our JV Partner Wooten Construction.  Additionally Sundt provided mentoring and jobsite tours for aspiring engineers and architects attending classes at local high schools, community college and the university.   

-  One of the primary features of the new high school included the installation of a pedestrian bridge over one of the busiest streets in Las Cruces. Using a Lean Construction approach, Sundt was able to minimize the road closure to less than 48 hours.   

Quality Award for exceptional workmanship in speeding project delivery that has increased overall project quality, and providing a better school for the Children of New Mexico-State of New Mexico Public Schools Facility Authority (PSFA)