The first phase of this project for the City of Glendale consisted of a 10-million-gallon-per-day (MGD) surface water treatment plant master planned for 40 MGD ultimate capacity. It includes eight miles of pipelines ranging from four to 42 inches in diameter; raw water intake; a raw water pump station; flocculation and rapid mix systems; six rectangular clarifiers; six GAC filter beds; a filter gallery and associated equipment; a five-million-gallon, below grade concrete reservoir; and a 20 MGD finish water pump station.

The project also included a 25,000-square-foot administration and maintenance building, an electrical switch yard, including three megawatt standby generators, a chemical feed and storage facility, a backwash basin, an equalization basin and four drying beds. Phase II involved developing and installing four new well sites, ranging from 1,500 to 3,000-gallons-per-minute capacity, eight miles of off-site raw water conveyance pipeline, a 10 MGD ion exchange system and an equalization basin.