This federal construction project at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma, Arizona, provides training space for the F-35B – the principal aircraft supporting Marine Corps reconnaissance and combat missions around the world. The F-35B is a joint-strike-fighter (JSF) aircraft with short takeoff, vertical landing and stealth capabilities.

Sundt’s contract included construction of a 198,756-square-foot landing field consisting of two simulated aircraft carrier landing decks; a 72,990-square-foot aircraft direct fueling station; an air traffic control tower; air operations space; three separate helicopter landing deck replicas; installation of tramline lights; a fire/maintenance building; a temporary F-35B hangar; and connecting roads and infrastructure.

All of the project’s concrete paving – totaling 41,700 cubic yards – was performed by Sundt’s own crews. The company also performed the masonry work for the control tower and placed 3,400 cubic yards of high-temperature concrete on the simulated aircraft carrier flight decks. High-temperature concrete is designed to withstand the extreme heat generated by the F-35B’s jet engines during takeoffs and landings.

Sundt also completed a $20.4 million JSF flight simulation facility for the F-35B at MCAS Yuma prior to the award of the auxiliary landing field project.