Getting to Know Ann Poppen

 |  Sundt People

111417_Poppen_Ann_webviewSundt is pleased to announce that Ann Poppen has joined us as a Preconstruction Project Manager. Ann brings more than 20 years of experience to her new position, particularly in judicial, educational and commercial construction in Northern California. She is currently assigned to the San José State University Campus Village Phase II student housing construction project in San José, Calif. Ann recently answered a few questions to help us get to know her better.

What drew you to Sundt?

I initially looked at Sundt because a former coworker was happy with his choice to work here. The convincing part of coming to work here was Sundt’s reputation in the industry for being a team player with both our clients and our subcontractors, and being an employee-owned organization. We have a culture of making sound, logical business decisions that benefit us all.

What are your job responsibilities in your new position?

As a preconstruction project manager, my focus is to make sure that we properly plan a project including both the scopes of work required and the site logistics/material handling required to put that work in place safely and of the correct quality to meet or exceed our client’s requirements.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently leading the effort on the San José State University Campus Village Phase II project. It’s a design-build, 850-bed student housing project that will be constructed as a single building, 10-story high-rise on a congested site.

Where might you be working if you weren’t in the construction industry?

I would really enjoy running cattle fulltime and helping neighbors with their livestock.

What’s the most interesting book you read recently?

After reading Contracts, Specifications, and Design Criteria documents all day, the only books I read these days are at night with my granddaughter. Recently, we have been digging into books from my childhood (downloaded electronically); “Raggedy Ann” can be quite entertaining.

Most unusual project you ever worked on?

Every project has its unique aspects that make it interesting. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was a good one: the intended use of the National Ignition Facility with laser beam pathways, as well as the on-site security logistics, were a challenge.

Where do you most like to travel?

I have gone scuba diving in Australia along the Great Barrier Reef, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, and Bonaire. I have been to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. I most enjoy what we have here in California – the clear water streams, forests, lakes, and beaches that we have to offer are some of the most scenic places I’ve seen.

How do you like to spend your free time?

My free time is spent outdoors on our property fixing fences, stacking hay, packing irrigation pipes, or planting the garden for the year.

Best advice you ever received?

You need and deserve to be happy. This applies to all aspects of your life – if something isn’t making you happy, figure it out, fix it, or change it.

Is there a person who has had a profound influence on you?

My mom decided to go back to school after getting my brother and me set in school. After working for a larger accounting firm for several years, she started her own business as a CPA and Certified Financial Planner. She has successfully run her business for over 25 years by adapting her services to the needs of her clients. Her determination and drive to accomplish the goals she sets for herself are phenomenal.