Projects Benefit From New Construction Technology

 |  Laboratories & Healthcare, Sundt News
A BIM image used during the construction of ISTB 4 at Arizona State University in Tempe

In the ever-changing world of construction, Sundt is at the forefront in the creation and implementation of new, cutting-edge building technologies.

 Of the many tools being used by Sundt to improve quality, sustainability, and efficiency, one of the most significant is BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM allows architects and contractors to see projects as multi-dimensional 3-D and 4-D computer models, which helps resolve construction obstacles and identify cost implications in the design phase instead of during construction. Sundt is using BIM extensively during construction of Arizona State University’s Interdisciplinary Science Technology Building 4 (ISTB 4) in Tempe.

 Sundt is also using a cutting-edge parametric estimating program – what some are calling “the future of conceptual estimating” – that has the capability to create a 3-D model for any construction project with little more than the owner’s ideas and the square footage requirements of the project. We’ve taken the program to a whole new level by integrating it with proprietary information from our extensive project database, which allows our project teams to estimate the amount of energy a building will use based on its orientation, design, function, and construction materials. These early calculations of building efficiency are crucial in developing future LEED-certified projects, making the program a key technology in green building design.

 As a company that prides itself on  being a leader in new, cutting-edge construction technologies, Sundt is committed to continuing its development of innovative techniques and tools for our clients and their projects.