Banta Groundbreaking
Sundt is a full-service general contractor with expertise that spans the entire lifecycle of construction. We have the knowledge and the experience to customize a solution to meet the specific needs of your project.


Sundt’s design phase services offer significant advantages to projects of every scope and size. During preconstruction, we use our proprietary database of construction information compiled from over a thousand Sundt projects to create highly accurate cost models. These models provide a road map for the entire project team that is critical when making decisions about major systems, materials and equipment.



Sundt takes pride in being a builder. We build projects in a collaborative team environment, using innovative techniques to improve productivity, reduce costs and give clients the best project possible.



As often as possible, Sundt self-performs critical portions of its construction projects, including concrete work, excavation and grading, underground utilities and drainage systems. We have the skilled labor, specialized equipment and hands-on experience to get the job done right, right from the start.


Construction Manager at Risk

Sundt is an industry leader with the innovative contracting method called Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR). This delivery method offers a number of time and cost savings advantages.



Design-Build construction is another contracting method that is gaining popularity, as it can provide significant cost and time savings for owners. Whereas the traditional Design-Bid-Build process separates design and construction, Design-Build provides a single point of responsibility for an entire project.


Program Management

Construction projects – regardless of size – involve numerous details, and not every owner has the time or experience to manage the process. Many choose to retain a firm to handle the planning, design and construction phases of their projects. This process is referred to as Construction Management; when it is expanded to include multiple projects, it is called Program Management.


Build to Suit

One of the most complete services offered by Sundt is also one with the greatest added value to our owners: Build-to-Suit, also known as Lease-Leaseback.



Design-Bid-Build, the oldest and most well known contracting method for construction projects, is still popular with some owners. With Design-Bid-Build, the contractor does not enter the process until after the design is complete.