Sundt is at the forefront of new technologies and approaches that are revolutionizing construction. A continued commitment to innovation is part of our corporate culture, and what makes us one of the nation’s most cutting edge contractors.
A BIM image used to construct the 7th Street Bridge project in Fort Worth, Texas. Sundt is a recognized expert in applying BIM to horizontal construction projects.


BIM is a high-tech replacement for construction drawings on paper. Using multi-dimensional computer models, project teams identify and resolve construction issues in the design phase instead of during construction (in the conference room in lieu of the field).


Parametric Estimating

A project team’s ability to maximize the value and quality of your building is highest during the earliest stages of planning and design. Therefore, understanding the cost (the fifth dimension of the model) implications of every design decision is crucial to adding value during the preconstruction process and to your building over its lifecycle.