Reunion Tower was completed on Feb. 2, 1978 as part of an urban development project. With its geodesic dome and customizable LED lights, the tower is one of the more iconic structures in the Dallas skyline and is the 15th-tallest building in the city.


Sundt completed 50-story, 562-foot tower using an innovative reinforced slip form method for the concrete cylinders. Slip forming enables continuous, non-interrupted, cast-in-place "flawless" (no joints) concrete structures that have superior performance characteristics to piecewise construction.


Using slip forming, the entire four-foot-high fiberglass form was built to close tolerances. Considerable effort was put into floating the desired finish on the concrete just as it was extruded from the form.


Sundt set standards in construction quality through its speed, safety and finish on the project. The tower was finished in just 68 days.