Sundt builds critical infrastructure

As an experienced and innovative builder, Sundt excels at providing the safe bridges, roads and water that our communities depend on.
Why Sundt

Roadways and Bridges

Building and maintaining what connects individuals, communities and economies.

Our broad scope of self-perform capabilities, leadership in Accelerated Bridge Construction, innovative traffic management strategies, and diligent stakeholder communication ensure cities and states get the most out of their infrastructure investments. Skill and a collaborative approach ensure that traffic keeps flowing as we create and maintain the arterial networks that allow our communities to thrive. We also take seriously the environmental impact of highway, multi-modal roadway and bridge construction, investing in education and training to minimize impact and always working to exceed project goals.

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Rail & Transit

In the last 18 years, Sundt has built over 35 miles of light rail guideway, resulting in over $8.8 billion in economic development.

We partner with departments of transportation over multiple phases to realize their vision for transit rail networks that create opportunity and economic development. Prioritizing close-knit relationships, we deliver innovative solutions like the nation’s first-ever four-legged roundabout incorporating rail. We prioritize genuine and creative collaboration with all stakeholders to build and deliver projects that have everyone’s best interest in mind.

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Site Development & Utilities

Sundt’s civil personnel specialize in partnering with stakeholders and meeting tight deadlines.

Leveraging advanced technology and deep experience, Sundt helps cities meet the needs of their growing populations without disrupting daily life or the surrounding environment. Whether extending broadband access to rural communities, rehabilitating aging infrastructure, or securing water access for future generations, Sundt is your partner in infrastructure development.
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Flood Control

Flood control structures often go unnoticed but hold critical importance in protecting lives
and livelihoods.

Since building a New Mexico dam for the Agua Pura Water company in 1910, Sundt has created flood control and water management solutions. Some shape cities, some integrate seamlessly into them, creating new public spaces for community connections. In all cases, we work to preserve and protect the ecological balance of the streams, wetlands, and waterways involved.
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Municipal Water Processing & Reclamation

Efficient water reclamation capacity is an essential part of ensuring the future growth and resource stability of any city.

Whether expanding or improving facilities, or constructing new ones, we provide cost certainty and minimal disruptions to operations. Our value engineering and constructibility recommendations maximize construction dollars for ratepayers. We find ways to expedite schedules to deliver capacity sooner.
Specialty treatment equipment can cost millions and require long lead times and special design considerations. Sundt offers guidance on these critical decisions and ensures that long-term reliability and life-cycle costs are part of the equation.

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