Jasen Bennie Discusses How Sundt Delivers Trust

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Like many others in the construction industry, Jasen Bennie grew up around construction. His family was in the construction and mining industry, and at a young age he started working for the family business. He eventually ventured out on his own to make a name for himself. Today, Jasen serves as Vice President and Intermountain Regional Manager for Sundt’s Transportation Group. We discussed with Jasen what the needs of Utah and Idaho are as the states grow, and what Sundt brings to the table for both clients and its employees-owners.

Tell us a little bit about how you ended up in construction.

Growing up, I worked for our family business and when I got older, I decided to move out of Alaska and spread my wings a little bit. That’s what kicked off my heavy civil journey in the lower 48 (states). I held numerous titles including owner of a medium-sized regional company, for about 13 years, that specialized in heavy civil and industrial construction.

What do you enjoy most about this industry?

The construction Industry is very rewarding. I enjoy seeing a project completely unfold, and I take a lot of pride in seeing how the community benefits from the projects we build.

As a long-time Utah resident, what does the Intermountain region need when it comes to infrastructure construction?

Both Idaho and Utah are currently ranked in the top 3 in the country in terms of growth and economy. Both states have a geographic advantage because they serve as a gateway to the West. The strong growth rates and economies within the Intermountain states also bring challenges.

I think our primary challenge in the Intermountain region is finding top craft and administrative employees to build the ample opportunities in this region. In addition, critical infrastructure is necessary and vital to keep up with and sustain the growth demands. I believe that Sundt’s experience in both water/wastewater construction and civil infrastructure work will benefit the construction demands in the region.

What do you think is the key factor to a successful partnership between owner and general contractor?

Sundt is highly regarded as a trusted partner across the entire U.S. Our focus is on client relationships and adding value to the projects we build. This is why Sundt has been a top choice for clients in alternative delivery projects. To be successful in alternative delivery work you must build a reputation of being highly qualified and considered a trusted partner with owners and engineers. In my opinion, trust and relationships are two key factors that make alternative delivery a superior delivery method. Sundt has a long resume and strong history of success with alternative delivery projects, and that comes from our reputation and commitment to being a transparent and value-adding partner to clients.

Sundt opened our Salt Lake City office a few years ago, and we’ve been building our workforce in the region ever since. What opportunities do you think Sundt brings to the table for construction professionals?

Sundt truly is an “employee first” company. We understand that in order to be successful in this industry you have to hire and retain highly skilled people. I sincerely appreciate the focus and effort Sundt puts into our people. We are all employee-owners, and everyone has a voice here at Sundt. Training, development and career growth are a primary focus when it comes to our employee-owners.

We also have amazing intern and apprenticeship programs. I’ve been working in the industry for a long time, and I have not witnessed another company that offers as much apprenticeship training and employee mentorship as Sundt does. (Read more about how Sundt’s apprenticeship program is helping craft employee-owners succeed.)

If you could offer a final word of advice to anyone thinking of pursuing a career in construction, what would you tell them?

Construction, with or without a degree, is a great way to earn a living with a ton of growth opportunities. At Sundt, we are all employee-owners of one of the oldest and most highly regarded construction companies in America, and we are all striving to fulfill our mission to be the most skilled builder in America. I take pride in saying I work for Sundt Construction. Come over and let us show you what we can offer your future and career!

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