Sundt Safety Program Update

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In ’22 and ’23, Sundt was named one of the nation’s safest construction companies due to our industry-leading safety program. We have continued to enhance the traditional rules-based compliance program by leveraging the principles of energy-based safety and human performance. We focus our efforts on mitigating high-energy hazards that we refer to as STCKY (“S#*! That Can Kill You”). We Stop the STCKY through the identification, implementation and execution of controls. With that, we’re always innovating how best to keep our people safe.

The Latest PPE

When it comes to safety, we’re determined to be ahead of the game. That’s why, in 2023, Sundt’s HS&E department introduced Milwaukee Type II safety helmets in an effort to maintain the highest safety standards for our employee-owners. They offer better protection against top and side impacts which will help us prevent serious brain and other injuries.

Over the last few years, there’s been much conversation regarding updated head protection in our industry. Sundt was proactive in this conversation by conducting research and safety demonstrations and interviewing vendors. We found that there are options available that could ultimately make a life and death difference for our employee-owners.

This new headwear is made in the United States and has an antimicrobial and moisture wicking sweat band/liner that is machine washable (and more comfortable). In addition to the greater level of protection and comfort, the helmets come with a wide variety of accessories and attachments.

For now, helmets or hard hats with chin straps will be a best practice on our sites for our trade partners and vendors.  At least one of our trade partners has already chosen to adopt the helmet, and we hope more industry partners will follow our lead.


Another way that Sundt upholds our principles of energy-based safety is by conducting STCKY Walks. On these walks, our operations teams proactively address high energy hazards and take the necessary action to prevent STCKY injuries. As we’ve implemented STCKY walks, we’re tracking this data and creating accountability.

Our findings? What we’re doing is working. Now, we’re expanding these efforts by integrating our Sundt Voices in Safety (SVIS) committee, a craft-led committee that exists on every jobsite. Our craft workforce has always had a voice in our safety program, but now their data is integrated into these conversations.

Sundt is one of the first companies in our industry to apply this energy-based approach to safety, and we’re proud that we continue to lead in safety innovation. By using leading indicators and acting on them, we create a workplace culture where employees feel empowered to report safety concerns.

Check out our safety page to read more about our STCKY initiatives.