Upper Brushy Creek WCID - Dam 101

  • Location:

    Austin, Texas

  • Client:

    Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvements District

  • Construction Value:


  • Delivery Method:

    Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP)

  • Year Completed:

    In progress

  • Specialties:

    Flood Control, Self Perform

Features & Highlights

  • 60,000 cubic yards of self-perform dirt and rock excavation
  • 190,000 cubic yards of clay core and shell dam embankment
  • Concrete labyrinth weir spillway the size of 2 football fields
  • 12,000 cubic yards structural concrete
Project Overview

Texas is prone to catastrophic flood events due to its size, tropical climate and diverse geographic features, which include rivers, lakes and coastal areas. Dams are a key element in successful flood control infrastructure, which is why the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvements District (WCID) has tasked Sundt with constructing Dam 101. This dam is the first piece of the Lake Creek Flood Mitigation Projects in Williamson County, Texas near Austin. When complete, the dam will protect over 1,000 residents and improve emergency access and response times during flooding events.

A massive 12,000 cubic yards of concrete work for the auxiliary spillway will be performed by Sundt’s skilled craft. It’s a labyrinth weir, which means it will be built in a zigzag pattern to increase surface area and slow the passage of water. This massive concrete weir will be the size of two football fields once complete. The spillway will be anchored into the existing limestone, so excavation is being done by the Sundt self-perform crews to clear the topsoil and reach the limestone bedrock the foundation will be built on. The team will then drill several anchors into the limestone that will become cast into the slab of the auxiliary spillway.

Other elements of the self-perform scope includes installation of aggregate and pipe filter systems and 60-inch steel pipe at the principal spillway, which will be encased in concrete. Concrete intake and outlet structures at the principal spillway and a cofferdam will also be constructed by Sundt crews.

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