Revitalizing The Birthplace of San Antonio

 |  Civil & Transportation


Over the last two years, Sundt Construction has been restoring Zona Cultural, a near-$30 million contract with the City of San Antonio, Texas. Recognized as “the birthplace of San Antonio,” Zona Cultural is a 44-block historic district teeming with cultural institutions, markets and communal spaces. The space welcomes thousands of local visitors and tourists alike, and encompasses major landmarks such as Main Plaza, Plaza de Armas, Market Square, Alameda Theater, San Fernando Cathedral and San Pedro Creek — which Sundt is also involved in renovating and restoring.



This modern narrative isn’t dissimilar to the origin story of San Antonio’s evolution from presidio to its current day status as a hub of culture, commerce and community. These renovations will further activate the historic urban areas in the Zona Cultural district.



Work is progressing on a project to revitalize the stretch of the Zona Cultural district from West Commerce Street to North Santa Rosa Street and North San Saba. The scope includes roadway improvements and reconstruction that will align with the City of San Antonio’s vision for a multi-modal street environment.



Upgrades include concrete paving, widening sidewalks, establishing dedicated bike lanes and installing landscaping and pedestrian and street lighting. Utility upgrades are also in the plans for the San Antonio Water System, natural gas lines for CPS Energy and utility lines for Spectrum Cable. The project is scheduled to wrap up late this year.