Sundt Team Completes Building At Compass Datacenters’ Campus, Celebrating Major Milestone With Toy Drive For Local Nonprofits

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In Goodyear, Arizona, Sundt’s ongoing project with client Compass Datacenters is a model for how efficiency, quality and safety come together to create trust and camaraderie across an entire team. Sundt’s datacenter expertise is demonstrated across Arizona, and includes a dedicated team of mechanical, electrical, technology, commissioning and construction professionals.

Sundt has been building on this site since 2019 and has already completed and turned over multiple buildings. The current status of construction includes three buildings in with data halls scheduled to be commissioned throughout 2024. In total, the team will turn over 58 megawatts of space by the end of 2024. According to Project Superintendent Randy Stromstad, that timeline is “unheard of in datacenter construction.”

In fact, the construction and efficiency of this site is so admired that it was recently chosen for a legislative visit by the City of Goodyear to demonstrate how investing in datacenter construction is hugely beneficial to the growth of a city. As of 2021, Phoenix is the fastest growing city in the country, with tech industry jobs making up 7% of the city’s workforce. Datacenter capacity is in demand with the city’s economic expansion and population growth.

“All of the milestones we reach are a testament to the commitment we have to our team on site, but also to the local community,” Randy said. “We’ve employed 600 local subcontractors and continue to give back through our annual toy drive. We also place a huge focus on bettering the physical and mental well-being of our workforce.



On December 8, the entire jobsite—including Sundt, the client and subcontractor teams—came together to celebrate the completion of Building 3, along with the annual toy drive for two local nonprofits: A New Leaf and OCJ Kids. The team loaded up multiple Sundt trucks and headed off to deliver toys and bicycles to the two local nonprofits, all of which will support hundreds of children in Arizona.

A New Leaf has aided those most in need in our community since 1971. They help families, children and adults overcome challenges, providing housing, health and wellness services, as well as resources, such as financial literacy.

“Sundt is a great partner to A New Leaf! The toys donated by generous employees will have such a positive impact for children living in crisis. These children didn’t know if Santa would come this year, but thanks to Sundt, they will have a holiday full of joy,” said Laura Bode, Director of Community Engagement for A New Leaf.

OCJ Kids (Opportunity Community and Justice for Kids) was founded in 1992 and provides services and resources to address the needs of foster and at-risk children and youth. Their mission is to equip children with tools, resources and healthy relationships to succeed and excel in every area of life.

“As we fulfill our mission to provide opportunity, create community, and fight for justice for Arizona’s foster children, memories and moments filled with love and laughter will be the foundation for healing this Christmas,” said Tamara Webb, Co-Founder and Director of Operations for OCJ Kids.

When asked about the success of this particular toy drive year after year, Randy claims it’s a testament to the culture the team has built on site. “It’s a joy to be able to give back to the community. When you build camaraderie with the client, subcontractors and your workforce, you can achieve anything.”

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