Know Your Audience: Creating Long-Lasting Client Relationships

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Q&A with Project Manager Brad Jones

Creating relationships that are built on trust is a priority for Sundt Project Manager Brad Jones. After eight years with Sundt, he demonstrates it’s imperative that we establish this trust through strong communication and understanding the needs of our employee-owners, clients and stakeholders.


Tell us a bit about your career journey and how you landed at Sundt.

I originally majored in communications but began my career in construction out in the field. I was with Sundt’s Concrete Division as an apprentice. Eventually I was brought onboard full-time to the administrative side, but my foundations in communications and our self-perform concrete are invaluable to my career.”


What are the benefits to having both field and administrative experience?

It’s all about creating perspective. There’s a different communication style between the field and the office. Knowing how to navigate that as a leader is often the key to building relationships. I feel I can relate because I’ve been in the shoes of our craft workforce building the work, and I recognize their efforts are our most valuable resource. Having experience in these diverse roles has taught me how to best connect with all people on a jobsite, especially when it comes to key messages such as safety.


You’ve honed your experience in the higher education market in California. How have you achieved this?

Maintaining relationships is paramount to our success in higher education. For me, it’s doing right by our client and working to build trust with them and their stakeholders, who are primarily the students attending and using these facilities. Using our experience as builders to combat client hesitation while maintaining open communication, especially when resolving conflict, goes a long way in establishing strong relationships.


Why did you choose a career with Sundt?

Sundt creates an atmosphere where my job is more than a paycheck. It’s about the people. I’ve been supported through several major life events, especially in my most recent milestone—becoming a father. Beyond that, the benefits are fantastic, and our training/support departments are top notch. There are many opportunities to grow and develop with Sundt while creating a work-life balance.


How have philanthropic efforts been part of your experience at Sundt?

I love engaging in hands-on events through the Sundt Foundation, specifically with the Construction Industry Education Foundation (CIEF), the Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity. Beyond these organizations, it’s important to me that I’m seen as a mentor on the field. I strive to maintain open lines of communication to our craft and administrative employee-owners and be someone I would have wanted and needed—especially early in my career.


What can our industry do to continue inspiring the next generation of construction professionals?

It’s crucial to convey the potential for longevity of a career in construction. We need to continue spreading a greater awareness of the skills and career advancement opportunities available to young people. Often, we push young people into a four-year education, whereas they might be more talented in the trades, and potentially more prosperous. Experience is everything, and getting out into the field, like I did, could completely transform your career trajectory.

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