Sundt Renewables Gives Local Utah Students a Leg Up on Their Future

To further our purpose in supporting the prosperity of the communities where we live and work, Sundt Renewables recently partnered with rPlus Energies on the inaugural Local First Scholarship. The scholarship, designed to meet the needs of Carbon County, Utah students, will contribute $75,000 over two years to Utah State University (USU) Eastern in direct support of students who wish to remain local in meeting their career goals.

Solar Powered

Rows of solar panels in the desert
Graphite Solar I, located in Wellington, Utah, was completed by Sundt Renewables in 2022.

In Spring 2022, Sundt completed construction on Graphite Solar, a 104-megawatt direct current photovoltaic system that supplies energy to the utility PacifiCorp. This project was a huge milestone for Sundt Renewables, and now, in partnership with rPlus Energies and Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company, they’re helping eight Carbon High School graduates with their next major milestone: college.

The Local First Scholarship covers full tuition and fees for all certificate programs (up to $5,000) and full tuition and fees for the first year of degree programs (up to $5,000) for Carbon High School graduates. It’s meant for students in the first 25% of their program, and preference was given to nontraditional students. The recipients range from aspiring nurses and educators to biologists and architects, but all of them hope to build their lives in the community they grew up in.

“Sundt Renewables is happy to partner with our local communities, like Carbon County, and support them in ways that promote growth and prosperity now and for future generations, whether we’re building clean and sustainable power plants or contributing to individuals’ education goals,” said Tom Dodson, Sundt Renewables President.

“I have grown to love this amazing community, and I am so grateful that individuals and businesses are willing to give back and help students, especially local residents like myself. It gives me great hope and excitement to see our community grow as we work together!”—Local First Scholarship Recipient  

Go Dinos!

Carbon County, Utah is a tight-knit community with a population of just over 20,000 people. Home to the Dinos, Carbon High School is one block away from USU Eastern, creating an easy avenue for local students to earn their degree and stay near their families. One of the scholarship recipients is pursuing architecture, beginning their journey with a drafting certificate program at USU Eastern: “I love Carbon County; it’s where I grew up. I decided to go to USU Eastern because, yes, it’s close to home, but I love the small campus and small class sizes.” Another recipient is an aspiring biologist and their family have been residents of Carbon County for generations: “I want to continue my family’s legacy and further it by being a business owner in a small community like the one I grew up in. This scholarship will make it possible to focus on school and achieve those goals.”

These scholarships not only give students a financial boost, but they also encourage work-life balance, allowing students to give more attention into their education. One of the eight scholarship recipients is following in a family member’s footsteps and plans to study nursing at USU Eastern: “I have been working two jobs all summer long, but this scholarship will allow me to cut back on my hours so I can focus more on my classes and improve my mental health. When I received the news that I had been awarded this scholarship, I felt relieved and overjoyed!” What’s more is that the eight recipients have already shown their commitment to the Carbon community by working in local elementary schools and assisted living facilities, plus all were involved on Carbon High School’s campus.

Sundt is proud to be a contributor to the Local First Scholarship. With Sundt Renewables’ latest project, Appaloosa Solar Project in Cedar County, Utah, Sundt and rPlus Energies hope to continue partnering with universities in Utah to give back to local students. Scholarships give students a head start on their dreams, and we know these students are going places.

Learn more about Sundt Renewables here.

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