Community Commitment: Sundt Transportation Helping to Reshape Downtown San Antonio

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Sundt’s employee-owners have built a presence in San Antonio, Texas over the last decade, and now our Transportation Group is constructing culturally significant projects in the city’s downtown. San Pedro Creek Culture Park was a stepping stone for this journey; besides being a project that had the community’s best interests at heart, it was proof of the revitalization potential of the city’s downtown. The City and County knows that improving infrastructure leads to economic growth, and we’re here to help build that vision. Sundt has four major active projects in the “inner circle” of downtown; these projects are a product of Sundt’s efforts to stand out as a community-first contractor in San Antonio.

Close Quarters and Closer Relationships

According to Chad Yount, Central Texas Area Manager for Sundt’s Transportation Group, managing four projects, all within a quarter mile of each other, is a unique experience. This opportunity was built on years of fostering relationships with stakeholders in downtown San Antonio. “Working this close together is quite exciting, although it does come with challenges,” he said. “We’re grateful to have our stakeholders’ trust and support as we navigate their needs while revitalizing the city.”

Our close-knit and trusting relationships with clients, stakeholders, and the contracting community is due to the efforts of our construction teams. “With these relationships established, it opened the door to the projects we’re working on now. Our Broadway Reconstruction, Zona Cultural, and South Alamo projects strive to make Downtown pedestrian friendly, while infusing life back into the area’s culture and history.”

Project and client success, though, relies on close collaboration. “We make the city’s problems our problems when we’re planning,” Chad continued. “As community partners, we understand the client’s needs and can stay ahead of the challenges.”

Our efforts to solve problems and overcome challenges extend beyond project boundaries. Chad also serves as the San Antonio representative for the Sundt Foundation and has helped to lead charitable efforts that show our commitment to the community. “Along with upgrading infrastructure, we’re actively volunteering in the community. We are part of the community and strive to give back as much as we can.”

“We’re excited to play a role in reshaping and to reestablish beauty in areas that have been forgotten.”—Chad Yount, Area Manager, Central Texas, Transportation Group

Historical and Cultural Revitalization

As the community invests in upgrading or adding retail, restaurants, housing, and public amenities, improving pedestrian mobility is a significant component of that effort and is reflected in all four of Sundt’s downtown San Antonio projects. On Broadway Street, Sundt is widening the small, 4-foot existing sidewalks and removing a vehicular lane to promote foot traffic in the area, a feature that will complement the coffee shops, restaurants, and storefronts being built along the alignment. Once the project is complete, pedestrians will be able to meander easily from Downtown to the Pearl, a historically significant neighborhood with apartments, restaurants, farmers markets and retailers.

On the west side of Downtown, the Zona Cultural District, adjacent to Historic Market Square, doesn’t currently reflect San Antonio’s vibrant culture. “The main focus of Zona Cultural is to revive the area,” explained Chad. “When the reconstruction is complete, there will be new concrete paving, landscaping, pavers, lighting, and dedicated bike lanes. It furthers the effort to build a pedestrian-friendly community and reinvigorate local business.” Not only this, but the reconstruction will continue to pay homage to San Antonio’s culture, aligning with the vision of Zona Cultural.

San Antonio’s rich event culture extends as far back as 1968 when Hemisfair Park, located on South Alamo Street, hosted the World’s Fair; this also coincided with the 250th anniversary of the founding of San Antonio. South Alamo Street is integral in preserving the city’s culture, but due to its high speed, it doesn’t currently allow for pedestrian movement between historical sites.

Once the project is complete, this entire area will feel more connected and promote safer pedestrian travel from La Villita Historic Arts Village to Hemisfair Park. Along with CoSA’s investment in the roadway, they’re also investing in a new Hemisfair Park and improvements to La Villita. The impact is magnified by four other investments in hotels and multifamily housing. Sundt is thrilled to be a part of this transformation and will complete the project in time for the city to host the 2025 NCAA Final Four.

Our employee-owners are encouraging economic growth in San Antonio by ensuring these changes to downtown allow the community to prosper. Chad noted, “It’s about doing the right thing. We always have the owner or stakeholder’s best interest first. There’s nothing better than finishing a project and seeing the community enjoy those improvements.”