Building Authentic Community in El Paso: Q&A With Angelica Rosales

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Angelica Rosales, Business Development Representative, El Paso

Angelica Rosales’ father was one of the first minority contractors in El Paso to land substantial contracts with the City of El Paso and the Texas Department of Transportation. Decades later, Angelica is proud to continue her family’s investment in building her community by providing opportunities for the community’s diverse workforce as well as minority-owned businesses. As the construction industry recognizes its second annual Construction Inclusion Week, Angie discussed how she forms authentic relationships in the community.

What led you to a career with Sundt, and what pivotal moments have you had with the El Paso team?

Since I grew up visiting jobsites with my father, the industry has always fascinated me; it’s fast-paced and no two days look the same. When I was young, I didn’t believe this could be part of my life’s trajectory because, sadly, women were not encouraged to pursue careers in construction. Of course, this changed when I began working for my family’s construction company in 2016 and later when I joined Sundt in 2018. I have ample support from my boss and mentor, coworkers, and family, and I’m grateful this role allows me to connect even closer with the people in El Paso.  As far as pivotal moments, winning the Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace Center project with the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) was a high point for the El Paso team, as well as our recent wastewater win, the Robert R. Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Upgrades, which has now brought our Industrial Group out to El Paso.

How do we continue to honor El Paso’s Hispanic culture as we build there?

The El Paso office is an incredible representation of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and what we’re working to promote companywide. Honoring Hispanic culture in what we build means investing in the people who perform the work. When you look at the El Paso office, the majority of our staff are Hispanic as well as the interns we are recruiting out of UTEP. Some of those, myself included, are first generation college graduates. Our project managers, executives, directors, and senior estimators—we’re all minorities.

“What can we do to honor the Hispanic heritage as we build? Educate. Educate our diverse employee-owners and provide opportunities for local subcontractors. Give them opportunities to thrive. Small business is the backbone of our economic engine.”

-Angelica Rosales, Business Development Representative, Sundt Building Group, Southwest District

Where have you had meaningful success with outreach to diverse subcontractors?

As soon as the El Paso office opened, Sundt prioritized hiring local and providing opportunities for the local workforce. We also work in conjunction with the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to educate local subcontractors. Recently, we hosted a four-day training session for minority subcontractors with the U.T. System HUB Office and the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on working with the U.T. System. The workshop gave subcontractors the tools to navigate that process.

Joseph Riccillo, Vice President and El Paso Regional Director for Sundt’s Building Group, Southwest District and Emilie Bell, Sundt Assistant General Counsel, recently led a training session with El Paso’s Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for subcontractors in El Paso.

We could not survive in this community if it were not for the relationships we’ve established with local subcontractors. Anywhere that we can be a resource, we will be a resource because we want to see our local businesses thrive. And, we can’t do the work without them; they’re a critical part of our success.

How can businesses continue to support women?

Provide opportunities for women to be in positions they’re not traditionally in and make a conscious effort to recruit and place women and minorities in those roles.

The other piece is education. We must continue to teach and mentor women so they have a clear trajectory and path to success. I’ve been a product of that and have had some amazing mentors since I joined Sundt. They continue to open doors to opportunity for me and others in El Paso, and for that I am so grateful.

Angie, front center, pictured with the El Paso Eastside Regional Police Command Center project team during Safety Week 2022.



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