Sundt Foundation Donates $200,000 in COVID-19 Relief to 20+ Nonprofits

The Sundt Foundation recently gave $200,000 in grants to over 20 nonprofits across our nine regions. The special round of emergency relief will support those working at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as those most affected. Few businesses, communities or individuals have been untouched by COVID-19, and Sundt is no exception. But even in times of hardship, we continue to operate as an employee-owned company with a culture of giving back, and we have a unique opportunity—and responsibility—to serve others.

A volunteer loads food into the trunk of a family's car at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger in El Paso, Texas
A volunteer loads food into the trunk of a family’s car at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger in El Paso, Texas. This food bank and others like it across the country have seen an unprecedented surge in people facing food insecurity.

The Foundation board identified three areas of focus for emergency relief grants: food banks, nonprofits dealing with domestic violence, and organizations serving front-line healthcare workers. “Our communities are hurting right now,” said Stefanie Teller, President of the Sundt Foundation Board of Directors. “We wanted to support the most vulnerable, including families facing food insecurity and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, cases of which have been on the rise alongside the direct health impacts of the virus.”

volunteer throws out empty box while packing food in assembly line at food bank
Concrete Field Engineer Jackie Odom and fellow members of our San Diego International Airport (SDIA) Airport Support Facilities project team volunteered together at the San Diego Food Bank (photo taken last year), one of several Sundt volunteer efforts in the communities where we live and work.

Sundt Foundation grants to food banks, which on average distribute seven meals for every dollar they receive, will translate to more than 1.2 million meals served. “We need food, funds and volunteers,” said Marty Ortero, Director of Communications at El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, one of multiple food banks receiving grants. “Pre-COVID, we were distributing three tractor trailer loads of food a day. We are presently distributing 12 a day. Before, we had a 30-day inventory on hand in the warehouse; we presently have two to three days of inventory on hand.”

A thank-you note from Jorge Medina, CEO of Texas Diaper Bank thanking Sundt for a $3,000 grant especially during this hard time
A thank-you note from Jorge Medina, CEO of Texas Diaper Bank in San Antonio, recent recipient of a Sundt Foundation grant

“It’s heartening to see so many companies and individual people pitching in to help during these difficult times. Something I especially like about Sundt’s response is that we relied entirely on our employee-owners across our regions to select local nonprofits in their communities to receive grants,” said Stefanie. “These Foundation members have the relationships on the ground and can see firsthand which areas have the greatest need.” This structure allows the Foundation to be nimble in its response, giving to larger, hard-hit areas through initiatives like the COVID-19 LA County Response Fund while also supporting nonprofits in outlying communities or those that have smaller donor bases.

“When we say, ‘we’ll get through this together,’ we mean taking action,” said Stefanie. “If you need help, reach out. If you’re able to help, ask how to get involved. Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to sit on the sidelines. Our communities need us right now, and each of Sundt’s regions is meeting that challenge head-on.” Nonprofit organizations interested in applying for a grant may call (480) 293-3000 or visit for more information.