VIA Park & Ride Team Records Flawless Safety Score

 |  Safety, Sundt People
VIA Photo
The VIA Stone Oak Park & Ride team stands in front of its safe project.

This is the best kind of perfect score.

Sundt’s work at the Stone Oak Park & Ride for VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio recently earned a perfect safety score. Every month, our local safety task forces perform peer-to-peer inspections on projects. The inspections are long checklists of safety issues that are reviewed and scored. Noncompliance problems or hazards count against the score.

Each project is rated against a standard criteria each month. There also is a safety task force meeting each month where the photos taken during safety walks are reviewed by all task force members to make sure we capture the lessons learned.

“VIA’s perfect score was a first for the project and it is not real common on these inspections,” said Texas District Manager Eric Hedlund.

In keeping with our Safety By Choice culture, we celebrate this success and thank our employee-owners for their commitment to safety excellence.