Secure Your Load Day Addresses Issues of Flying Debris

 |  Safety

Secure your load imageDriving can be challenging enough without having to avoid ladders, stacks of wood or tools flying at you.

Sundt’s employee-owners today are recognizing Secure Your Load Day, an initiative designed to raise awareness about the dangers of unsecured loads. The event was started by Robin Abel, whose daughter was left catastrophically injured after being struck by an unsecured load while driving. Thank to Robin’s efforts, President Obama and Congress included load-securing recommendations to the states in the Fast Act of December 2015.

According to a Government Accountability Office study, there are 51,000 incidents nationally every year, killing 440 people and injuring 10,000. A 20-pound object at 55 mph has a force of 1,000 pounds at impact. Unsecured loads also cause 40 percent of the litter on our roadways, prompting states to spend a combined $11.5 billion a year for cleanup.

For more information, check out the Secure Your Load PSA.