3D Printer Ensures Projects Don’t Go Flat

 |  Sundt People


It’s a book jacket unlike any you’ve seen and it could have beneficial impacts on projects our company builds in the future.

The 3D jacket covers our anniversary book that celebrates clients and innovative projects from Sundt’s first 125 years. The jacket was produced using a 3D printer we purchased and used as a test run on this project. It depicts jobs we have completed arranged in a fictional “Sundt City,” including a bridge that connects the two halves of the jacket.

“We wanted to learn the commercial aspects of 3D printing, and this struck us as a low-cost, low-risk way to play with a new technology,” Sundt Senior Vice President and Chief Growth and Strategy Officer Jeff Perelman said in an article that appeared on AZ Big Media’s website.

Preconstruction work usually involves building information models, which include flat digital representations of physical and functional characteristics. A 3D model helps building owners better envision their completed projects through more realistic interpretations.

3D printers also further our ability to produce unique facilities, a must-have for clients who want their projects to stand out in an ever-growing crowd.

“The concept of having a manufacturing tool where you can build customized parts or components to fit a unique building has unlimited potential for our industry,” Perelman said.