Jobsite Boards are Visual Reminders of the Day’s Safety Challenges

 |  Safety
hazard recognition board-2
Hazard reognition whiteboards provide visual reminders of the day’s challenges.

Confronting the day’s challenges head-on makes it much easier to get through them successfully. That’s the idea behind the hazard recognition whiteboards that have been installed at many of Sundt‘s jobsites. The boards are proving to be effective safety tools, in large part because the content comes from the crew itself rather than from a supervisor via a traditional top-down management approach.

“Each day, the crew leader at a particular project meets with his or her crew to discuss a specific task they will be working on that day,” explains Sundt Senior Project Manager Jeff Esgar. “Each crew member takes a turn writing down a potential hazard and what the mitigation for that hazard would be. This gets the entire crew engaged in the safety planning for a particular activity that day. They have buy-in to the plan since they helped develop it, and it keeps them accountable throughout the day while executing the plan.”