Getting to Know Dan Haag

 |  Sundt People

Dan Hagg CGM_0278_webviewSundt has promoted Dan Haag to the position of chief administration officer (CAO). Dan joined Sundt in 2010 as director of administration. In his new role, he helps lead the company’s strategic management as a member of the Sundt executive committee. He also oversees talent management, information technology and office services. In October, Dan also was appointed executive director of the Sundt Foundation, the company’s employee-led charitable giving organization.

Dan holds a master’s degree in industrial relations from Wayne State University, as well as numerous professional certifications in the human resources field. We recently asked Dan a few questions to get to know him better:

What originally drew you to Sundt?

I came to Sundt because of Sundt’s positive reputation in the industry. Most of what I knew about Sundt was through having a peer relationship with Richard Condit (Sundt’s former CAO) and hearing him speak at an industry professional organization we both belonged to. Richard is a true ambassador for Sundt and I heard him say a couple of times about how he loves Sundt and those comments created a curiosity to learn more about Sundt. I was also very intrigued in working for an employee-owned company. I have worked for publicly held and family held organizations in the past. After being at Sundt and experiencing working at an employee-owned company, it is definitely the best ownership structure for all involved.

What are your goals in your new position?

My overall goal is to help Sundt be successful in achieving its Strategic Vision. I have helped organizations in the past successfully grow and I really like the challenge of doing so. In 1995 I wrote my life’s purpose statement which is, “To enhance the capability and performance of individuals, teams and organizations.”  Sundt’s strategic vision for growth provides me with an opportunity to live my life’s purpose. I believe we can build Sundt into being the best construction organization in the industry by focusing on Talent Management through fully implementing Sundt’s Talent Management Model.

What challenges and opportunities face the construction industry right now that you encounter as CAO? 

Our biggest challenges today include managing through a very competitive economic environment, acquiring the right work with the right customers, building the talent needed to grow, continuously improving the organization so we can differentiate ourselves from the competition and executing work profitably on a consistent basis. Our biggest opportunity is to leverage our strength as an employee-owned company and work together toward continuous improvement and differentiate ourselves from our competition in the eyes of our customers. This includes having the right technology that will enable process improvement.

What’s the most interesting book you read recently?

Many of us have at sundt recently read the book called “2 Second Lean.” It is a fun book to read and is important to our future. It is about how to grow people and a Lean Culture that is focused on continuous improvement which results in a win-win for all Sundt employee-owners.

Where would you most like to travel?

Traveling is not a big passion of mine. I have travelled a lot over my career. Right now I am really enjoying exploring the Southwest, which is so different than my Midwest living experience.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I like spending time with my family during my free time. My wife and I have been married for 33 years and enjoy our time together. Since moving to Arizona from Minnesota my two sons and my mom have moved here as well. I also like to work out and road bike on a regular basis.

Favorite holiday?

I enjoy most holidays especially Christmas, which leads to time with family. I also enjoy spending the Fourth of July at my cabin in Minnesota.

Best advice you ever received?

Readily identify when you need help to get something done and do not be afraid to ask for it.

Is there a person or idea that has had a profound influence on you?

My wife and I are both values-driven in how we want to live our lives. Twenty years ago we wrote family values to guide how we raised our kids and lived our lives, as follows:

H – health and fitness

A – assist and support

A – amusement and fun

G – growth and development

S – spiritual relationship with God