Internship Program Draws Top Talent to Sundt

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Lindsey Blum

Lindsey Blum is one of 16 college students currently employed by Sundt through our internship program. The program recruits engineering students from colleges and universities near our offices and assigns them to construction projects that match their interests and skills. Many interns also get connected with Sundt through the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) annual construction competition, in which Sundt sponsors the Concrete Solutions Problem and serves as a judge for that particular event. Sundt employees help coach students who compete in the event’s other “problem areas,” which involve every segment of the construction industry.

 According to Paul Jentlie, Sundt’s corporate recruiter, Sundt’s internship program is a great way for those entering the field to gain relevant work experience while becoming familiar with Sundt’s culture. It’s also a good opportunity for Sundt to observe their work and see if they would make a good addition to our team after graduation.

Lindsey has joined us as an engineering intern in the Tempe office. She is working at one of Sundt’s mining projects for the summer, assisting with the schedule, safety, equipment tracking and execution. Since Sundt believes that our people are the core of what we do, we wanted to get to know our latest addition. We recently spent a little time talking with Lindsey, and this is what we learned.

What motivates you?

My aspiration to learn new things and my constant desire for improvement. Both assist in motivating me to always work towards achieving my goals to the best of my potential.

What is your proudest professional achievement to date?

Being that I am still in college and have not yet begun my career full time, I would say that my proudest professional achievement to date is having been a team leader for the Northern Arizona University 2011 Region 6 Commercial ASC Competition, and working together as a team to take second place.

Who has inspired you most?

Professor David Grider, who recently retired from Northern Arizona University, has had a great impact on my life and ultimately inspired my decision to be in construction. I had originally declared my major as nursing. I was taking one construction management course of Professor Grider’s with the sole intention of being the grader for his course the following semester. It wasn’t long before this class became my very favorite. I was absolutely enthralled by the things I was learning. Over the remainder of that particular semester, and the time that followed, he has served as an advisor, mentor and friend helping me to make one of the best and most beneficial life choices to switch my career path, and pursue a major and ultimately a career in construction. 

What’s your all-time favorite film?

The Magnificent Seven

When you’re not at work, how do you spend your time?

When I’m not at work I spend my time with my family and friends or in the great outdoors. I love hunting, fishing, archery, hiking, camping, snow shoeing, etc. These activities not only make me happy, they help to alleviate the stresses of work.