Getting to Know Justin McCapes

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Justin McCapes

Sundt Construction, Inc. is pleased to announce that Justin McCapes has joined us as a field engineer in our Sacramento office. He will be working at the Tercero student housing project where he will be responsible for processing information requests, ensuring jobsite safety and serving as a liaison between Sundt and project owners, design professionals and subcontractors (Learn more here). Since Sundt believes that our people are the core of what we do, we wanted to get to know our latest addition. We recently spent a little time talking with Justin, and this is what we learned.

 If you could build anything, what would you build?

I would love to build a high-rise building. This type of construction is something that I’ve always been fascinated by and it’s different from any other type of project that I’ve been a part of.

 How do you alleviate stress?

Working out always seems to relieve stress for me. I enjoy lifting weights, taking cardio classes and I’ve recently gotten involved with CrossFit.

When you’re not at work, how do you spend your time?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going camping, cooking, barbequing and going on trips to our family beach house.

 What’s one thing on your bucket list?

To travel! I’m a big fan of traveling. So far I’ve been to Spain, Italy and Greece. I really enjoy seeing the different cultures and the many famous historical sites that the world has to offer. The places I’d like to visit first are Germany, all of the UK, Australia, France and South America.

Who has inspired you most?

My father. I’ve worked for my father (who is a superintendent for a general contractor) throughout the last ten years. Watching him succeed and seeing his exceptional work ethic has really inspired me to work hard and always do my best.