Getting to Know Chris Salmon

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Chris Salmon
Chris Salmon

Sundt Construction, Inc. is pleased to announce that Chris Salmon has joined us as a field engineer in the Sacramento office. He will be working at the Sonoma State University student center project where he will be responsible for processing information requests, ensuring jobsite safety and serving as a liaison between Sundt and project owners, design professionals and subcontractors (Learn more here). Since Sundt believes that our people are the core of what we do, we wanted to get to know our latest addition. We recently spent a little time talking with Chris, and this is what we learned.


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be in the major leagues. I thought baseball was my calling growing up since it always came easy for me. Though it didn’t work out I still play in an adult league with my twin brother and enjoy every minute I’m on the field as if it was the first time I ever set foot on one. 

 What’s one thing on your bucket list?

I want to go skydiving. Though the thought of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane just doesn’t seem right, I feel that it’s a rush that I have to experience at some point in my life. I also feel that it would be good training if I’m ever in the situation that I need to jump out of a plane I will at least know the basics and know that I can do it.  

 If you could build anything, what would you build?

I would love to build a sports complex or an amusement park someday. I think both projects would be a lot of fun since I enjoy spending time at both. If I was given the opportunity to build either, I would feel a great sense of accomplishment when it was complete. It would be a great feeling to sit in a seat at the stadium and know that I helped make history or to watch the first roller coaster put smiles on people’s faces knowing I had a hand in bringing enjoyment to someone else’s life.    

When you’re not at work, how do you spend your time?

When I’m not at work I like to be active as much as possible. Whether it is working out at my cross fit gym, snowboarding or backpacking, I like to keep moving and pushing myself to the limit.   

What motivates you?

What motivates me is the urge to succeed. Whether it is work, play, or life in general, I want to be the best at whatever I am doing. I strive each day to become better at something, whether it is a process that I use to do something at work or even working on a lift at the gym that I’m not perfect at, I’m always pushing myself to become better.

 What’s your goal for your new position?

My goal is to learn as much as possible from those around me. Everyone that I   work with has a great deal of knowledge and I want to learn it all. It will not only benefit the company, but me as well.