Digital Target Range is First of its Kind in the U.S.

 |  Civil & Transportation, Self-perform
Sundt’s Concrete Division is making nearly 11,000 pre-cast concrete blocks to create 200 targets at Fort Bliss’s new computerized target practice range. The project will be complete in November.

Sundt is proud to be building the U.S. military’s first fully computerized target practice range at Fort Bliss Army Post, Texas, a high-profile project called DAGIR, which stands for Digital Air-Ground Integration Range. Our $30.4 million heavy civil contract includes constructing 23 miles of tank trails, installing 200 pre-cast concrete targets, and building six support buildings. The facility will be used to train U.S. soldiers and the armies of several U.S. allies for combat missions on the ground and from the air.

What makes the range unique? A digital control system allows for the creation of unlimited combat scenarios, while sensors in the targets and the vehicles gather information that then becomes part of the review and feedback process.

Sundt’s ability to self-perform all of the concrete work is playing an instrumental role in helping the team manage the tight schedule. Nearly 11,000 concrete blocks, each measuring 2x2x6 feet, are being cast using an efficient assembly line approach that has boosted productivity rates by more than 30 percent over what was originally projected…and earned accolades from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

“The quality of our concrete work really stands out because we did a lot of research into forms and ended up investing in a steel version that produces a very nice, consistent block,” says Project Manager Fred Locke. “We’ve been complimented several times in the owner’s meetings.”