Moses Lake Erythritol Production Facility

  • Location:

    Moses Lake, Washington

  • Client:

    Dynamic Food Ingredients (DFI) USA

  • Construction Value:

    $75,000,000 (Target Installed Value)

  • Delivery Method:

    Construction Manager at Risk

  • Year Completed:

    In progress

  • Specialties:

    Manufacturing & Process Industries

Features & Highlights

  • Converting former sugar mill into new erythritol plant
  • Project will produce product higher-quality product, more efficiently and at scale better than currently available technology.
Project Overview

Sundt is working with DFI to retrofit a large existing sugar beet mill into a new erythritol pilot plant for Dynamic Food Ingredients (DFI) USA. DFI uses an innovative electrochemical process to transform common sugars into healthy and sustainable products found in nature, but that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. Specifically, DFI uses a patented process for the production of erythritol, methionine and formic acid.

Major project scope for DFI’s Moses Lake plant will include earthwork, underground utilities, structural concrete and steel, tanks, and installation of over $40 million in processing equipment. Our scope will also include the installation of foundations for ancillary processing equipment such as cooling towers, chillers, HVAC units, and storage tanks.

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“Our patented electrochemical technology is producing the highest quality products, using the most efficient and effective process. It’s a real game-changer for the food and beverage market.”

Paul Magnotto, Founder and CEO of DFI