“You Found What Buried Where?” Article Explores How Modeling Software Improves Civil Construction Projects

ECylwik - Bringing CIM to the Surface
In this integration of a Survey CIM model and Site CIM model, transparent items represent existing sub-surface features; solid color items represent proposed utilities and foundations.

You probably know about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how it can improve vertical construction projects. Civil Information Modeling, or CIM, is the same idea – but applied to horizontal construction projects (think roads, site infrastructure, etc.). BIM has increased efficiencies and minimized design and construction coordination risk in facility projects over the past decade. Can a similar process be applied to the equally important survey capture, site design and construction portions of a project?

Sundt Senior Virtual Construction Engineer Eric Cylwik and a team of other industry experts recently authored an article in the Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences that explores this topic … and offers some intriguing answers. Click here to read the full article.