Sundt is an industry leader in sustainable construction, with a proven track record of helping our clients get the buildings they want with the environmentally friendly features we all need. Our clients, many of whom are embracing sustainability as a core philosophy, want a contractor who shares their values.

Green building looks far beyond reducing energy use and improving air quality. It takes a big picture approach, focusing on the interrelationship of the various building systems – plumbing and HVAC, electrical, structure, exterior building envelope construction, and interior finishes – rather than considering each one independently. Sustainable design and construction is a whole-building approach, wherein each building system design decision affects the overall building performance. Green construction benefits the builders, the building’s future occupants, and, of course, the environment. Sundt has aided the sustainability efforts of many of our customers by constructing green facilities and sharing lessons learned. In several cases, we’ve exceeded clients’ sustainability goals by proposing and implementing creative strategies to improve the performance of their buildings.

Another example of taking lessons learned to the next level is our development of “The Greenprint – A Field Guide to Successfully Applying Sustainable Principals in the LEED System.” This two-volume manual is a compilation of the lessons learned on the many LEED projects worked on by Sundt, arranged by applicable credit based on LEED V3 or LEED 2009. The manual used by the Sundt field management team on LEED projects, and will be updated as major changes occur in both the LEED rating systems and lessons learned in the field. H2: Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) The demand for sustainable design is growing, as is our experience. We employ over 175 LEED-accredited professionals and have built numerous environmentally friendly construction projects, including Building B of the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University, the first LEED Platinum building certified in the Southwest. Sundt also built the Sony Electronics North American Headquarters in San Diego, California, which is one of the largest projects to be LEED certified in Southern California. We also have experience on several other rating systems for sustainable construction, including the Energy Star™ and Green Globes™ rating systems. Sundt is involved in over $1.6 billion worth of projects that have already attained or are designed to achieve LEED certification.