We believe that being a sustainable company is part of being a good corporate citizen, which is why we have an extensive Sustainability Program in place to help our organization achieve its own sustainability goals.

The following are just a few of the ways we are making a real and positive impact on the environment by working to ensure that our offices, jobsites, and work habits are as green as possible:

  • Introducing alternative fuel vehicles into our corporate fleet
  • Switching to biodiesel or low-sulfur fuels for construction equipment when feasible
  • Converting all paper to 30 percent, or greater, post-recycled content
  • Establishing a recycling program in each office and jobsite (on LEED or Green Globes projects)
  • Encouraging video conferencing for meetings where travel to the destination is less than four hours via automobile
  • Rewarding employees who bicycle to work
  • Equipping all office lights with motion sensors
  • Using re-usable mugs, cups, and silverware instead of paper and Styrofoam
  • Establishing a goal of recycling a minimum of 75 percent of the waste stream at offices and jobsites
  • Providing jobsite trailers with sufficient day lighting

Sundt’s commitment to sustainability is clearly demonstrated through many elements of our work – from our employment of approximately 150 LEED-accredited professionals to our LEED Gold-certified Sundt Companies’ offices in Tucson, Ariz., and Sundt Construction’s headquarters building in Tempe, Ariz.