Sustainability is a guiding principle at Sundt. We are committed to serve as an example to our industry and the country as a whole by integrating environmental awareness and responsibility throughout our company and for our clients.
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Sundt's culture of sustainability is rooted in the belief that construction firms have both the opportunity and responsibility to affect positive change in the environment. This philosophy is based upon the principle that what is good for the environment can also be good for business.


Green Business Practices

We believe that being a sustainable company is part of being a good corporate citizen, which is why we have an extensive Sustainability Program in place to help our organization achieve its own sustainability goals.


Green Construction

Sundt is an industry leader in sustainable construction, with a proven track record of helping our clients get the buildings they want with the environmentally friendly features we all need. Our clients, many of whom are embracing sustainability as a core philosophy, want a contractor who shares their values.

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Our Sustainable Projects

Sustainable buildings use energy and water more efficiently, thereby lessening our impact on the environment while reducing long term operation and maintenance costs. Sundt is a green building expert committed to helping our customers achieve or exceed their sustainability goals. Interested in learning more about our sustainable projects?