Sundt has adopted an innovative computer technology at the jobsite called the ROCK system, which stands for Remote Office Construction Kit. These rugged tablet PCs allow project personnel to view and manage the complete set of project documents in the field in an easy-to-navigate digital format.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows project managers to see inside structures and buildings at every stage of construction. ROCK makes that technology mobile. ROCK has everything a project superintendent needs: drawings, specifications, contracts, product data, etc. in a suitcase-style computer. The portable ROCK has a stylus/pen and built-in camera, with features like the ability to instantly shoot and upload photos. The technology eliminates the old communication delays between job site and trailer, providing a portable, real-time solution to all project design needs. After a project is completed, Sundt presents clients with a CD of ROCK data as a compact, efficient reference for all project-related information.