A BIM image used to construct the 7th Street Bridge project in Fort Worth, Texas. Sundt is a recognized expert in applying BIM to horizontal construction projects.
BIM is a high-tech replacement for construction drawings on paper. Using multi-dimensional computer models, project teams identify and resolve construction issues in the design phase instead of during construction (in the conference room in lieu of the field).

By integrating scheduling and deadlines into a 3-D model, BIM works in four dimensions, allowing for critical review of project timelines and better communication of workflow. Sundt uses BIM on all design-build projects as well as most of its Construction Manager at Risk projects. BIM tools improve efficiency, accountability and sustainability.

Building Information Modeling, which replaces two-dimensional construction drawings with multi-dimensional computer models, was used extensively on Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications project in downtown Phoenix. BIM helps Sundt identify and resolve issues during design, instead of during construction, when they often add cost, extend the schedule, and frustrate owners.