We are currently accepting bids from pre-qualified subcontractors. If you are not pre-qualified to bid work for Sundt, please visit the subcontractor portal for more information. We have offices located in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.

To receive bid invitations and to submit a bid proposal to Sundt, a Subcontractor must be currently pre-qualified with Sundt. Sundt Construction requires pre-qualifications to be renewed annually. Please go to the Subcontractor Portal to begin the process of first-time pre-qualification or renewal.

Vendors, Suppliers, Professional Service Providers and some contractors are exempt from the pre-qualification process. See the list below of contract trades currently exempt from online pre-qualification. If you are exempt to pre-qualify, go to the online vendor registration form.


California registrants should contact De Anna Andrews at calibizoutreach@sundt.com

All other states should contact Aly Gartin at ajgartin@sundt.com

If you don’t fall under an exempt type trade and aren’t pre-qualified to bid work for Sundt, please visit the subcontractor portal for more information.

Click here if you received a bid invitation from Sundt.

Sundt uses the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat for identifying trades/scope. Be prepared to select ONLY those codes in which you self-perform or provide work/materials.

Exemptions from pre-qualification requirements include but aren’t limited to:


Concrete Pumpers

Equipment Rental

Final Clean


Pest Control

Ready Mix

Security Companies (guards)

Scaffolding suppliers with no construction responsibility


Temporary Fence

Temporary Power

Traffic Control

Truckers, Haulers

Water Trucks (dust control)

Window Washing

UG Utility Locators

If you feel what your company does should fall under the exemption category, please contact the pre-qualification department to clarify/confirm.