Sundt’s extensive airfield paving experience was crucial to the successful completion of a challenging project at one of the nation’s most security-sensitive air force bases. Minot Air Force Base near Minot, N.D., supports a unit of intercontinental nuclear-tipped missiles and is home to one of the country’s only two squadrons of B-52 bombers. Developed during the Cold War to provide a quick route to Russia over the Arctic Circle, Minot remains strategically important today as part of the Air Force Global Strike Command.


Sundt replaced the runway in just six months and ensured that the base was operational throughout construction in the event of a national emergency. Requiring approximately 42,000 cubic yards of concrete and 36,000 tons of asphalt, the newly replaced section of airfield, designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, stretches 8,900 feet long and includes new lighting and storm drain systems on both sides of the runway.